Morgan (dullstar) wrote in thequestionclub,

Travel coffee mug

I'm so sad. I left my long-sought-out perfect travel coffee mug (adjustably spill-proof! be-handled! perfectly rounded drinking spout with optimum distance from lip to opening to avoid drippage! kept beverages at the perfect temperature! small enough to fit in my cupholder, large enough to administer the proper dose of coffee! under $15.00! oh, how I loved that mug) at school today, and unless some kindhearted soul lost-and-founds it, I will once again be braving the morning commute with a regular old mug. I originally bought it at Target, and they don't have the kind I had on their website and the closest Target is 45 minutes away (yet another travesty).

So my question is: where can I find another perfect travel mug (extra points for pictures and/or linkage)?
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