for you bouquets & ribbon'd wreaths (foryoubouquets) wrote in thequestionclub,
for you bouquets & ribbon'd wreaths

ok...really strange/weird/freaky post, but here it goes:
what are some alternatives to burial/cremation? i just watched this forensics special on tv, and they showed this body being prepared for burial & it just totally freaked me out...i'm claustrophobic anyway & can't imagine my body being in this box, or burned....i know that when you're dead you're dead, but i also don't like all the environmental problems caused by cremation & burial...
i know this sounds weird, but i've always wanted to know if it would be possible for my body just to be laid out in the middle of nowhere & just left there....i think this might be possible if i owned something like 500 acres and my body was left there...but is there any other way?
sorry for the rambling & thanks for any & all help....
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