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If you exist, then help me!

I had various essays to write for module assesments and organised them into order of both deadline, and motivation. It turned out that my latest deadline was also for the essay which I believed would be fun, and easy. I've never been so wrong about something, possibly, in all my life. The module is a study of philosophy through film. The essay is based on the film The Usual Suspects. And from here on in, I need to cut in case you haven't seen the film. I warn you for your own benefit: If you have not seen this film then go and watch it, now if possible, then come back and read this afterwards. Most of the time I wouldn't worry about spoilers on something that has been out for so long, but in this case I make exception. Anyway, for those who have...
The main idea of the film is that Verbal is conning the police into believing a story which is in part, if not wholly untrue. So this leads quite happily onto Descartes' idea of an omniscient deceiver, who is making me think things which are not true. It is this that I decided to write my philosophy essay about, using the question 'Could we all be being manipulated by an evil genius?' as my starting point. The difficulty is that the only answer I can give is 'well, yes actually', and other than explaining why, bascially meaning a re-iteration of Descartes theory, I don't have much else to say. This is supposed to be a 2500 word essay, and I most definitely don't have 2500 words to say on the subject. How many words can it take to say 'Ummm... yes.'? There aren't any decent arguments that I can come up with, or find anywhere that argues against it, so I can't even debate with anyone about it in the essay.
So, what I am asking from you is that you offer me a reason why we might not be being deceived about everything. Help me, please!
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