sound of white (sound_of_white) wrote in thequestionclub,
sound of white

I've returned!

With random questions, to boot.

1) Have you ever bought something at a store and was NOT able to open it? I found some Clean & Clear Advantage Daily Cleansing Pads on sale today for $3, but cannot open it. It won't unscrew, even a little bit. My sister also got some, and she cannot open hers, either. What're the chances of being able to return them without any hassles? ...Bah.

2) Do any of you know of any fairly cheap U.S.-based online petite (think size 00 - 0/extra small or 32 AA - A) lingerie stores? For the life of me, I cannot. Unless I wish to pay $20 for ONE freaking bra, not including shipping. I've found plenty of U.K.-based ones, but most do not offer shipping to the U.S.

3) Do you all wish to know what occurred with my Horrible-Online-Class-I-Wanna-Drop-But-Don't-Wanna-Owe-For-It situation? Of course you do! I dropped it, it'll appear as a "W" (withdraw) on my transcript, and I didn't owe a dime.

4) If you had to take a photograph of anything you want to be later painted on a 18x24 inch canvas, what would it be?

5) If you attend college, are Midterms comin' up? Mine are next week. Eep.

6) Do you hang your pants/jeans up on hangers? I just started to tonight, partly to save room in my dresser and partly to decrease the potential of creasings. I feel weird hanging regular jeans up, but I have enough closet space for it... not that it's a large amount, I just don't have a lot of tops.

7) Have you seen the new junior women's department at Wal-mart? Is it me or have they been getting some pretty cute stuff in lately? Best example would be George brand clothing. And I'm diggin' all of the browns, greens and cream colors.
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