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What do you do to deal with noise? I live in a house with a bunch of other people and very thin walls, and the girl next door to me and the guy who lives above me are both loud, talkative, have lots of people in and around their rooms, and seem to be around pretty much all the time. I come from NYC, so some noise doesn't bug me, but when I'm trying to concentrate on something or take a nap, say, it's really distracting to have people's voices coming through the walls/floor, especially when I can hear almost every word they're saying (they both also have very distinctive laughs, which gets old fast).

I don't want to be an asshole about it, because it's their house as much as it is mine and they have every right to have friends over and whatnot, but I've been sick, stressed and tired the past few days and it's getting on my nerves to no end right now. Is there any non-assholeish way I can deal with this? The idea of putting up with it for the rest of the term (and possibly the rest of the year) is becoming increasingly abhorrent to me.
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