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Smoking question...

when you first started smoking, did you ever go on a 'bad trip?'  What was it like?  

Because last night, I guess I really freaked out.  I vomited, and I guess I really scared my DH since I said that I was going to hurt myself or something to determine if something was 'real' or 'just a dream.'  I felt like my mouth was full of sand and my entire body was injected with Novacaine.  Everything seemed surreal and I was scared because I didn't have complete control over myself, or at least that's how I felt at the time.  The day after, things still feel a bit blurry to me.  

I just wonder how people who smoke every day do it, and go through their daily activities.  Also, if it is has happened to anyone before and what it was like for them?  Or if you start smoking later if you have a lower tolerance for it?  Many people I know started smoking in their teens, but I started only recently (I'm 30). 
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