tricky squirrel (ohbutitsshiny) wrote in thequestionclub,
tricky squirrel

okay, i am trying to buy a car. ouch, my wallet! i am looking into cars on ebay since i want a crappy used car that i don't have to pay a lot for...which a dealer cannot help me with. craigslist has also been not helpful for me.

i found this one car, but it's in maryland. i live in virginia. i know when you buy a car, it doesn't have plates. if i were to buy a car in virginia, i would go to the dmv, register it for $75, and get temporary plates, right? then i could drive it. if i bought a car in maryland, would i have to register it there before driving it home, and then reregister it here in virginia?

i looked on the dmv websites for both states but they kinda made my head hurt and did not appear to have the information i need. i feel dumb and confused. buying a car scares me :(

edit: oh shit sausages.
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