Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

One more question, this time personal, and I'll get outta your hair

My coworker is recently separated from her husband. They still live together, but they're not together. She believes he's been seeing/banging the girlfriend of one of his close friends, like the champ he is. She's found pictures of her on his cam phone in a bar atmosphere and a couple suspicious text messages. As a means of payback (he cheated on her twice in the marriage), she asked me to call up Donna's (the girlfriend) boyfriend, Vale, from a pay phone and anonymously relay the message "your girlfriend Donna is cheating on you with a friend", in the hopes that he tighten up his ship and either keep a closer watch on her or severe the friendship with her husband, Rich, who isn't being a very good friend anyway. My friend didn't have Donna's number before, but now she does. She asked me for some interesting, creative, amusing or vengeful ways to get Donna to back off via her cell phone. The key thing here is that she doesn't want this to get back to her. She wants it all to be anonymous and untraceable.

Rich spends less time at Vale's shop, where he used to hang out often, so maybe Vale had some words with him, but not enough because my friend still thinks that Rich and Donna are still seeing each other on the DL.

There's a party Rich is going to on Friday that will probably extend to Saturday. My friend thinks Donna will be there. So a good intervening phone call would be needed sometime today or tomorrow, to keep Donna from either going or seeing Rich any longer. I can't think of anything that good.

Can you think of anything?

P.S. - yes, it's probably petty if they're separated to want to meddle, so consider this a revenge type of deal
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