I find it's better to be somebody else (cabsy) wrote in thequestionclub,
I find it's better to be somebody else

glowingdragon, this post is probably full o'typos

I am a dipshit and walked right into the corner of a heating vent today and gave myself a mild concussion. Go me! Anyway, I'm pretty loopy-feeling right now. What should I do with my newfound and shortlived loopiness? I don't really want to go anywhere and driving is probably a very bad idea anyway. I have a decent quantity of movies, books, drawing supplies, etc, and I'm too nervous to take a nap until my boyfriend comes home (just in case I wake up speaking jibberish, which has happened to me post-concussion before) and I can't do anything strenuous. So what should I do? Any movie recommendations or stuff to play with online that will exploit my goofy feelings?
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