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What is the deal with most of the people commenting in this community going off topic instead of answering the question asked? (I am prepared for those of you who are going to try and be smart with me.)

In regards to the whole wallet issue, under what circumstances is it an invasion of privacy?
I have quite a few friends who don't mind if I look through their wallets. It's not like I take it from their pocket or anything. It might have been sitting on the table. I'd only do it when they're there and if they had a problem with it and told me, I wouldn't do it.

How many of your friends and family feel the same way you do?

I, personally, think purses are a different thing. Of course, most women have wallets inside the purse which is comaparable.

It is definitely a different thing when the person doesn't know about it and I know if somebody took something from my purse I would be furious.

I guess I just don't get how it's rude (when the person is there) if that's even what you mean.

(It's killing me that I can't explain how I feel. Haha.)
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