Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

The Difficult Hypothetical: the Outcome to our Morality

Based on the clear overwhelming answers yesterday in regards to the three 'bad seed' questions (liquor store robberies, drunken group rape, cheating to get a scholarship), I can see that the vast majority of you would turn your kid in, or expose them as the fraud they are. "You didn't raise them to be this immoral", etc. I know a number of you wouldn't turn your kid over to the authorities for every offense, but let's just play along anyway. Well, let's take the hypothetical to the next level

1 & 2) Due to the number of robberies involved, or your son stood trial before a stern judge for the rape thing, who found the criminal act revolting and deplorable, your child has been sentenced to 20 years. No plea bargains or return of cash would affect that sentence. Your son's out on bail, and is scheduled to report for his new career as a prisoner next week. This has obviously devastated him, and he's been in a severe bout of depression. A day before he has to report, he comes to you and says that he would never hurt anyone, that it was either for fun (#1) or drunken peer pressure (#2), both of which leave him ashamed and he understands that he needs to pay a debt to society. But he says he can't serve prison. He states, through tears, "I'm too skinny, I'm too pretty. I won't survive prison. Mom/dad, I can't do 20 years. I'll kill myself. I want to flee the country. Please help me. I vow to volunteer for a lot of charity wherever I go, to try and right the wrong I did, to do whatever good I can."

Do you help him evade the law?

3) Your son, exposed, has lost his scholarship, and the scandal due to the SAT scores and grade manipulation has made him damaged goods. No college will touch him now. He was a B student before, but he'll have to attend community college now. His dreams of an ivy league education and prospective career dashed, he doesn't take his studies very seriously, and drops out after a year to join a band. He moves out of your house into the rental house the band stays at, where they're up til 5am every night partying. You've heard the band and they're really not any good and just like the lifestyle

Here's the question: do you cut him loose to screw up his life, or try and get him back on the straight and narrow, and if it's the latter, tell me what you'd do to get through to him? He's like 20. Think of what you'd listen to if you were 20.

Yeah, I know these are tough questions, but sometimes life gives you bitch slaps instead of bunnies. Seeing the world in black or white can introduce grey area problems.
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