David "Conglacio" Beckford (conglacio) wrote in thequestionclub,
David "Conglacio" Beckford

To my lecturer...

I am studying website development, and currently taking an e-marketing module as part of the degree course, and the lecturer from that module suggested that those in the class who came to it from the marketing course should go to the website development course lecturers to get an idea of what they do...I am wondering if I should do the opposite...

before I send this to my lecturer, is this ok? how best to put it?


I am David Beckford, and I am in the e-marketing module. You said today in the lecture that it would be a good idea for the marketing students to sit in on website development lectures.

Would it be a good idea for me, a website development student, to sit in on other marketing classes?

I have always had a mistrust of marketeers, probably because of the trouble caused by them at work, but took this lesson because I knew I would need to have some understanding of the subject.

But your lessons are giving me a new perspective on this, and I now see more clearly the value of the profession, and so I would like to know more about this subject. So would you be able to recommend any modules that would be good to listen in on please, to supplement the one I am taking?


Thanks in advance,

David Beckford

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