goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Suggestions please?

In my closet, I have one of those hanging rods to give an "easily added extra level" know what I'm talking about right? Ok, well they ordinarily hang to sit below adult length shirts so you can hang your pants just below your shirts. It uses screw-on balls on the end of the wire poles to hold the rod in place, making it non-adjustable in height.

I need it about a foot higher than it would be, so I use rubber bands on the wire poles to keep the wooden rod up. Of course, the rod slooooowly slides down the poles with the weight of the clothes being more than the rubber bands can handle.

So I need a new solution to keep the wooden rod in place. It's really above my means to cut the wire pole in any way, and bending both poles to match would really be a stretch. Adjustable solutions are a plus, but anything quick and easy that I could do with things found in the average junk drawer is really what I'm hoping for.

Forgive the harsh flash.

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