Weatherwax (wwax) wrote in thequestionclub,

I once read this poem by Guillermo Lopez Borges on a site and copied it. Now looking for more poetry by him, the man seems to have vanished from the web. The title of the translated poem was called Old Fashioned but I never found out what the original Spanish title was. Is there anybody out there who can help ?

Old Fashioned

Si yo pudiera hacer sólo lo bueno
Si tuviera la paciencia del profeta
La cadencia del músico negro y viejo
Tan veraz desde suprimera nota

Las predicciones para los tantos que nacen
sin un astro
Sin un enigma

La pluma que todo lo dibuja
Que casi puede crear
Sin ser apenas nombrada

Si al hablar no se quebrara tanto mi voz
A lo mejor, quién sabe
Escribiría biografias de personajes famosos
Patriotas, actores de cine
Y nunca toda esta monserga
que ya comienza a gobernarme

If I could do only the good
if I had the patience of the prophet
the cadence of the old and black musician
so true from his first note

The predictions for so many who are born
without a star
without enigma

The pen that draws it all
that can almost create
on being barely named

If upon talking
my voice would not break so much
Then, who knows
I might write biographies of famous persons
patriots, movie stars
And not this boring rant
that begins to govern me

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