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I started Mary Kay to begin with because I was so unhappy with my full-time J.O.B. I used to run a study that involved working with people with cocaine and opiate problems. It wasn't the patients that bothered me, but the work environment, the pressure to recruit, and the supervision. Since then, my job had gotten quite a bit better. Now, after I have better happier, if a bit bored, they want to have me run another study again. Not only do I NOT WANT to run another study, I don't see how I CAN run another study, when they want me to continue the job I am doing, which is screening all the incoming calls for all of the studies. People are not approachable here though, and I know that my input regarding this situation will be either heeded or appreciated. I have been wanting to do Mary Kay full time for months now, but there are two things holding me back- 1) A definite income that I know I will be able to afford to live off of- not that I make enough at my FT job. And 2) Benefits. I really do feel like I need some input as to what direction to take my life in now. I do feel like full-time MK is tugging at me...
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