Exhausted (inoculativ_drug) wrote in thequestionclub,

hi, i have a question about septum erosion due to cocaine use..
i've done coke maybe eight times since i tried it in june... the last time i did it was yesterday and i did about four lines spread throughout the day.. when i got home though it looked like part of my septum had eroded.. it scared the shit out of me haha. so much, that i've decided i want to stop doing it completely and forever. i felt around inside and i dont feel any holes or perforations or anything.. where it seems to have eroded is right on the side of my right nostril.. i dont know, im not really sure how to explain. its right in the front, and it basically just looks as if my septum is thinner than it was; and it kind of looks like it slants to the left now, just at the top though, and i'm positive it wasn't this way before.
my question is, is it possible for the septum to continue eroding even after cocaine use has stopped? it doesnt look too bad now, its really barely noticable but im scared that it is maybe a gradual erosion process that doesnt result immediately from use, rather the process of eroding is from the buildup of different instances of use.. i dunno, is it possible for it to erode further even if i never do coke again? or will it only erode more if still do it?
my other question is, since there are no holes in the septum is it possible for the skin part that seems to have erdoed to gro back or to heal itself? i kind of doubt it.. but i wanted to ask anyway..
thank you so much for all your help!!
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