i ♣ u (jezemel) wrote in thequestionclub,
i ♣ u

a predicament

Someone very dear to me has been sober for about fifteen years. Despite having been an alcoholic for decades, he has managed to evolve into a completely different person. There is one unfortunate bad habit that still remains. His hygiene isn't all that great. From what I can guess, I think he showers once a week or so. He often looks unkempt and smells sweaty.

Lately he's been really depressed about not having found a significant other for all of these years. I can tell that he's really lonely. I want to help, but I also don't want to hurt his feelings by saying something about his hygeine.

I had thought that with enough time he would work on this like he has all other areas of his life, but he hasn't made much of a stride. Other than that, he has a lot to offer.

So would you say something? If so, how might you approach the issue?
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