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Random things to avoid work with

I'm in iTunes, trying to burn a CD. I put in the blank CD, select the playlist, click burn and... I get an error message and the CD spits out. Error number 2123. I cannot for the life of me find out what that error message means. No, I am not running the new evil version.
a) Do you know what that error is?
b) Could it be that my computer and iTunes are protesting Dane Cook (I'm trying to burn a copy that I bought through iTunes for my roomate)?

What is your favorite birthday dessert?
I'm normally a warm yellow cake with chocolate icing kind of girl, but my friend shipped me a chocolate mousse cake this year that is making my insides melt with chocolate joygasms just thinking about it.

Do you knit and/or crochet? If yes, how did you learn?
I'm a crocheter of almost 20 years now (oh fuck, that makes me cry) taught by my grandma. I'm teaching myself how to knit now.

Do you think it's really funny that a barge just crashed into the little dock outside of my office building and now it's stuck in the mud? Maybe it's just me...
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