Chocokid (chocokid) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am sending my friend, who is currently away at school (I'm in CA, she's in the Chicago area), a package for her birthday. I already have some idea of what I want to send her, but perhaps you can give me some more ideas.

My friend is a sophomore in college, she likes LOTR, and she is an intellectual and a genius but as is typical of their kind, she lacks all common sense. She also likes kitschy items, like mini Bonsai tree kits and other equally needless and tacky things.

Does anything come to mind? Maybe something for the weather even? I have only lived in Southern California my whole life so I don't know what types of things someone who experiences real seasons would need or want.

Also, her birthday is Friday. If I send this thing out tomorrow, express mail or whatever is fastest, will it get to her by then? How long does it take to get through the college mail system (because she lives in dorms)?
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