Jess (missing_lynk) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey kids. Two unrelated ones for you.

1) Alexa Ray Joel is playing in Sellersville PA on November 11. She is sold out. A friend of mine desperately wants tickets. Is there no hope for him, or is there some sort way he can still try for them??

2) I'm in a weird situation and somewhere in my head I know the answer is "you can't do anything about it." But here goes: in short of it, my roommate and boyfriend do not get along. there is unecesary tension between them. he insults her, which pisses me off, but he doesn't do it because he's an asshole. She's no angel, either; she has traits about her that piss me off. She tells me about a fight they had and I go to pieces; I'm pissed at him but I know he's a good person. She plans on confronting him later, but I'm scared that he's turning out to be someone that isnt who i thought he was.

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