the adventures of Christine (cdaae) wrote in thequestionclub,
the adventures of Christine

Abortion and other kinds of "disability"

Inspired by this question...

If there was a test that could tell you whether your child would suffer from various mental illnesses, would you abort if you knew they'd suffer from:

1. Severe depression, resistant to medication, leading to frequent suicidal feelings.
2. Bipolar (manic) depression (has about the highest suicide rate of all mental health problems).
3. Schizophrenia.

(Question mostly directed at people who say they'd abort a fetus if told it would be physically disabled.)

Not having children so it's a moot point for me. But I'm curious what people will say, because we tend not to consider these things as being as bad as a physical disability even though they often lead to much lower quality of life (plenty of people with physical disabilities are happy and enjoy life far more than someone with long-term depression). If I was having kids I don't think I'd get the tests in either case, because ones for physical disability aren't that accurate (and don't predict the severity), and you can never predict what kind of life your child is going to have. A lot of mental illness is caused by trauma, there are plenty of physical disabilities which occur later in life, etc.
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