Nalyubuites (jo_fitz) wrote in thequestionclub,

Boyfriend and I get a phone plan. But because we did not have a $400 deposit for each phone, Boyfriend's mom orderes the phones for us. So the account is in Mom's name, but we pay the bill every month on time. Mom gets her son (boyfriend's younger brother) on the phone plan dispite us not wanting him on. So for the past two months Brother had talked away all the minutes and gotten a wazzoo of charges. So Mom keeps saying that she's going to take brother's phone but has yet to do so dispite numerous requests. If we take the phone well she says there's going to be hell to pay becasue he "needs" a phone. Our original plan was to take the phone from brother and give him Mom's Pre-Paid Cell phone. But with her not switching phones, it's not working out. Boyfriend and I are very tired of shelling out all this money. (About $700 these past two months) Brother shows no sign of stopping his chatting. Well, why would he, he doesn't have to pay? So Boyfriend wants to stop paying Brother's portion of the bill so Mom will get tough and take Brother's phone to save her credit.

Good plan of action or not?
Any other less drastic plans of action you can think of?
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