Alone.. where I'm not alone. (nostalgicme) wrote in thequestionclub,
Alone.. where I'm not alone.

So I started working out at Curves. (Do you remember the boob question?)

It's only been two weeks and maybe it's just in my head, but I swear my boobs have lifted a little. :/ Haha.

Anyway. I don't think my butt's gotten bigger but now I have those little white "clear" stretch marks all over each cheek. WTF??!!

Should I be worried? What the hell do these whitish, peachy, skin-colored stretch marks mean? Can I make them go away? :(

And, what do the percentages mean when you're measuring your heart rate? For my age I should be at 24 beats per 10 second count and that's in the 70% range; but... what does it mean?
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