turbopunk (turbopunk) wrote in thequestionclub,

asp.net 2.0 development in vs2005

ok, i've done uber amounts of poking, and i can't find this. it's about to drive me crazy . . .

ok, if you've ever done asp.net 2.0 development in visual studio 2005, you know how, when you create the .aspx, it auto generates an .aspx.cs file? well, here's my question.

is there any way to force vs2005 to create the file that goes with myfile.aspx to be myfile.cs, and NOT myfile.aspx.cs? the double extension thing is just so $%^@54 @$%^@$%^@ed.


oh, and, so all the non uber geeks can have something to answer, what did you have for lunch today? i had a couple of borritos . . .
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