Travo (original_copy) wrote in thequestionclub,

My cat has just been diagnosed yesterday with diabetes after a blood glucose test. She supposedly is pretty high, and is recommended by my vet to take insulin.

At this point though I want to see all my options and read some personal experiences with something like this. I want to try to avoid insulin at all costs, but I know that insulin could potentially be the only solution. I have an appointment tomorrow with a local holistic veterinarian to see if there are options there.

My main concern is that with insulin she could potentially go into a hypoglycemic state. My other concern is that I have a fear of needles, but I'm going to definitely conquer that fear if I have to. And last but not least is that I work full time, go to school full time, and so coming up with tons of money isn't going to be easy.

So if anyone has any advice, or any experiences with dealing with a diabetic animal please let me know. The other thing is that some of you may have experiences with different types of insulin and if they were successful or not, that would also help.

The last thing is that I noticed that some diabetic cats have become diabetic due to cortisone. My cat had a cortisone injection about four or five months ago due to a skin irritation. I've looked up some information about this and it states that a good veterinarian will let you know that cortisone injections can cause diabetes. My vet said nothing of the sort. I'm not sure if I should hold him accountable for that, but it definitely doesn't make me too happy.

(Apologies for posting this in quite a few places, but I need all the help I can get).

Thanks for all the help

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