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I'm writing an essay about society's denial of pain, and I've written myself into a corner.

There is something I find absolutely fascinating about our society these days. On TV, radio, movies, and books and magazines, the general population is obsessed with artificial, over the top emotions that the character or central person “experiences.” But this fascination with emotions and feelings does not transfer to real life. It is considered weak for people to show their true emotions. We are to be discreet, leaving the emotions for the entertainment franchises. PDA (public displays of affection), while all over the screen is sometimes frowned upon in real life. There is a certain amount that is deemed acceptable, but any more than holding hands and fairly chaste kissing is frowned upon. Anything more and a woman is considered ‘fast,’ or a slut. Men can get away with more, but they are still labeled a ‘playboy.’ While this is not as negative a connotation as slut or hussy, it nevertheless shows that the person is acting in an inappropriate manner.
People do not cry in public, or show their grief visually either. On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I watched the news and was amazed that they did not show a single person actively crying. Conversely, on international news they show people in other countries mourning the loss of relatives and crying fairly frequently. There does not seem to be the stigma in their society that emotions in public are not acceptable.
One of the most taboo emotions these days is the display of pain. Pain originates mostly from fear or stress, and our society does not want to admit that people are afraid or stressed by life. This is highly ironic in two ways.

I don't want to cheapen pain by lableing it 'emo', but the expression of pain can come across as a type of emotion in my book.

how do you think I should deal with this? I've been beating my head against it for a while now.

Edit: it's a creative writing course. The assignment is to do a study on a part of society that makes us feel left out. I have a pain disorder and have been harassed because of it. What I'm trying to say is that for some reason our society frowns on pain, mostly because it (pain) means that that things are not perfect and we, as a society, are perfectionists.
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