name (overandoverture) wrote in thequestionclub,

For the Christians (no need for any "I'm not a Christian" replies. Not answering is indication enough):

1. Have you ever spoken in tongues?
2a. What denomination are you?
2b. Does it (as the wikipedia article on the Society of Friends puts it) "fit within traditional Christian categories of Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant"?
3. What is a typical worship service like in your church?
4. What are some misconceptions (if any) you've encountered about your denomination?
5. Does your denomination recognize homosexual marriage?

1. No
2a. Society of Friends/Quaker
2b. No
3. We have a few hymns, a special, usually a verse/intro to the sermon, and a short children's message. Then we have a 10-15 minute time of unprogrammed worship before the sermon. Some Sundays the entire service is unprogrammed worship, and I love it.
4. I'm surprised at how many people say they "don't get it". Mostly they don't understand why we have silent/unprogrammed worship (In a traditional Quaker worship service this is the majority, if not the entirety, of the service).
And one time I was asked by a charismatic friend if I was Amish. ha
5. Some meetings have. I don't know if my meeting would or not, but I do want to talk about it with my pastor sometime.
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