Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated

No Fitty - Now What?

I recently bought a costume from a girl over in the cosplay community. She had posted the measurements (she made it herself) and according to what she posted (and the fact we're both using standard American measurements), it should have fit me like a glove (I get measured at least once a month at my gym, so I am up to date on current measurements). Then, it gets here, and I am So0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o excited! I rip open the package and start putting it on.

The shirt is, erm, snug but that's par for the character. Then, the skirt. Oh, it fit like a glove alright. If that glove were made of my own flesh and already called my HAND. Walking in it is something of a feat. God forbid there is an actual fire or other emergency neccessitating use of my legs in a brief fashion.

So. Here I am, out $70 and wondering what to do. The skirt is very plain and simple, and I could probably have another one whipped up for a small fee - assuming I can find fabric the same colour. But what should I do since there was some obvious misunderstanding on someone's part (mine or hers, I'm not sure, nor do I care)???

Should I email her and tell her I'm looking for matching fabric and if I find some, would like a refund for the price of having a new one made + fabric? Just ask for a full refund and return it and spend a little more having a whole new (but truely custom) costume made for me by one of those sellers on eBay (the costume is popular enough that at least one seller is offering it)? Cry and suck it up? I mean, really, what wold you guys do if you were in my shoes?

PS - Just for clairification, I plan on emailing her and telling her of the situation, reguardless, I would just like to have sort of a game plan. She said she wanted me to be completely happy and was a very pleasant person to deal with. I am certain she'd understand and be reasonable. Oh, and she's moving in October, so I really need an idea - especially in case I can't find matching fabric.

Bleh, I am so heart broken over this - I love this costume!
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