where to, miss? lj user="tothestars" (plethora77) wrote in thequestionclub,
where to, miss? lj user="tothestars"

Please bear in mind that this post will contain HUGE generalizations, for the sake of simplicity and ease of comprehension. My intention is NOT to offend or to come off as ignorant. I am aware of how generalized my statements may be.

Is there a way to easily visibly differentiate between people of different East Asian backgrounds? For instance, can a person look at the average Japanese woman and know she's Japanese and not Korean?

I know it's possible (generalization, generalization) in white people in some instances - sometimes you can tell a person is a white Brit, or white and Polish, or white and Russian, or white and Swedish.

Anyone have any thoughts?

(For interest's sake, I ask because I'm watching the premiere of The Amazing Race and there's a team of two brothers who are of East Asian descent, and they made a joke about going to "The Motherland", China, though they're not Chinese. I wondered what nationality their family might stem from.)
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