aka MsMcSienteme (msmcfeeley) wrote in thequestionclub,
aka MsMcSienteme

Ok, I've been here before with computer questions and y'all were really helpful.. here I am again.
I got a new computer and am trying to transfer stuff from one to the other. Very headache inducing. haha but here's a few early questions...

The Itunes website/help area is kind of overwhelming me.... so.. how exactly do I get my Itunes music library from my old computer to my new one? I have a USB to USB transfer thing but instructions for that are pretty vague and I'm a little confused :) OK, a LOT confused. hehe

Any ideas/suggestions would be great.

Oh.. another question.. a few weeks ago some of you gave me advice on putting my Firefox bookmarks on a disc. Well.. I did that.. but once I put the disc in the new computer I'm not really sure how to go about the process with Firefox in terms of putting them in. How do I transfer those bookmarks from the disc to my Firefox browser?

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