Tree Since 1895 (2young2love) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tree Since 1895

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1) do you think that calling something a "classic" makes it better?

i.e. the doors are classic (but they were always awesome)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a classic (but i will always hate that stupid book)

2) does something being a classic make you think 'maybe itll be good'? or do you stay away from the oldies?

3) what does/did your family do on sunday afternoons?

1) no, it tends to make it worse, it reminds me of that saying '1 million people cant be wrong!' sure they can, how many nazi's were their?

2) yes, despressingly. i tend to give classic music, classic movies, and classical theroys a bigger shot.

3) my mom and dad tend to start making barbeque as the rest of the family wakes/woke up. and we would eat around 2pm, which is now.

have a great sunday afternoon everyone!
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