Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ive had a kidney infection for the past few days, Im FINALLY feeling a bit better, betting being the fever of 104 has stopped, as have the shakes and overall bad taste (for the most part) There is still a bit of nausea lingering.
I called off work yesterday and they told me that they had a guy on call to work my shift for today but I needed to let them know asap. It's 11 now, my shift starts at 3.

I feel alright to move today, but Im not sure about working 8 hours at my hotel, plus Id be alone for 4 of no slacking allowed.

So, do I go in? deal with the 8 hours and pray its a slow night.
Or should I stay home and take one more day to recover.

before school and work tomorrow?
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