xylinas (xylinas) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear Question Club,

Please, this has been driving me nuts. I hate it when I learn cool new words and random facts and then when they might be useful I find out that I've forgotten them. I'm looking for:

1.) A kind of bird that I think is a lapwing (but I looked it up and I guess it's not,) and characterizes precocity in folk myth because the chicks are said to run around very soon after hatching-- sometimes with the half-shells still on their heads.

2.) A mutation in the gene that codes for skin pigment, and can create a pinto effect on a human.

3.) A term for something to do with neurology, when a person links a sensation automatically to colour. Like, someone bites into a lemon and suddenly thinks, "blue." (this example was in one of the online sources I read through, but now I can't find it again) I ran across this term about a year ago, I think, in a Mary Sue bashing community where the Sue sees auras.

Please help.
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