Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

When you are using a public service, like a computer lab at the library or at school, or performing any task in a public place that requires you to follow a procedure, do you read signs??

We just went through a massive program, putting up new signs and making sure our signage was consistent (all the same colors, border, text, size, etc) so that all our official postings look the same. Why can people not read them??

For example: we charge $0.10 a page to print, so we put up a big sign that told people how to access the print-preview function. This way, they can see which pages are selected to print and whether some of their stuff will be cut off (as is the case with many websites, due to sidebars and the like). Soooooo many people will come to me after they've printed and complain that a page that was nearly blank printed that they didn't want. Then they get mad because I won't (and really, I can't) refund their dime.

Another example: we put up a huge sign in the computer lab that says that your password is the last four digits of the phone number we have on file. Soooo many people come up to me saying they don't remember setting a password or they don't have a password or something.

One more example: when you figure out how to put in your library card and password, the computer pops up a message that says "Welcome (name), please proceed to computer number (number) in the lab." Every day, I get people who enter in their information, then pass my desk and go, "So I just go to any open computer, right?" It makes me worry about the future of humanity. Or at least, this little hick town.
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