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shelves and stuff

My dad completely redid my closet for me. Last night I picked the height of the three shelves he was going to put up. He put the bottom one up to show me the height and make sure it was okay. This morning before I woke up he put up the other two. I went to look at them and I fucking hate them. I didn't even think about the brackets. None of my other shelves have brackets. They are huge brackets and they almost touch the shelf underneath it. The shelves are short enough as it is, I'm going to have trouble putting my stuff on them. Before he put them up he had offered to take me to get new shelves at Ikea to match the ones in my room, but I didn't want to make him go all the way to Ikea, so I figured these would be fine.

This morning I told him that I just wasn't expecting the brackets and that I didn't really like them. He offered to take them down and go to Ikea with me today. He also told me how they were a lot of trouble to put up because he had to round the edges (and paint them) so they didn't end up stabbing me when I was hanging stuff up. So, should I ask him to take them down so we can go get new ones, or should I keep them? I really hate them but he went through a lot redoing my closet so I'll feel bad about it if he takes them down and has to put up new ones.

EDIT: We're going to look for different brackets that would work with the shelves, that aren't as ungodly large. Also, my closet is important to me, I know that's not the case for most people but it really does matter to me.
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