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Have you ever been drunk dialed, texted and/or IM'ed?
Have you ever drunk dialed, texted and/or IM'ed
What are some of the funny experiences you've had with the aforementioned?

I was drunk dialed at 3 in the morning earlier this summer by my friend Ben. The first thing he said was, "SUSAN I'M DRUNK AND I PIERCED MY NIPPLE AND IT HURTS!!". I continued to ask him how much he'd drank, who he was with, and what he pierced his nipple with. When I warned him that he'd set himself up for an infection, he started screaming to people to "CLEAN IT! I DON'T WANT AN INFECTION! OH GOD, GIVE ME A BAG TO BREATHE IN!".
I was just drunk IM'ed by a good friend, and one of the most decent, classy, poster-child-for-upstanding-citizen men I know. All it said was, "fuck i am drunk. i want you on my face right now".
I've never been "drunk texted".

I have drunk dialed and drunk texted in the past. Nothing terribly memorable, but a lot of calling people to tell them, "I'm drinking, but I'm not drunk yet! I wanted to call you before I got drunk!" or "You drunk dialed me, so I'm drunk dialing you!".
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