sophiedoph (sophiedoph) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Is it possible to d/l youtube videos? (So that I can play them even when not connected to the internet.)

2. Is there a way for me to view music vids on my TV? To burn them to a DVD and play them on a DVD player?

3. I have a warranty on my laptop with Best Buy. The warranty states that when I return it 3 times, the fourth time they will "junk it out" -- replace it with a new one.

I've sent it back for repairs four times. They didn't junk it out last time because... One time when I returned it they "repaired" it -- but when I got it back it still was broken. So I had to return it again. (Each time I turn it in is about 4 weeks' wait.) So they said it didn't count as a "repair" because the first repair wasn't proper.

I just got my computer back today. They replaced the motherboard. BUT, everytime I move or jostle the computer it shuts off and it takes a few times to get it to actually turn back on. It's totally broken -- and it's probably the motherboard. Is there a way for me to get them to "junk it out" this time since it's the FIFTH time I've had to turn it in for repairs? Or will this not count b/c it wasn't fixed properly the last time?
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