SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE, AGAIN! (hry2007) wrote in thequestionclub,

tmi, but important

So, until a half hour ago I thought that day one of a painful period and food poisening from student dining's bacon would be all my health woes.

No, I'm pooping blood as well.

My question: should I see the doctor?  I mean, I know it wouldn't hurt, but is this just a matter of the diarhea temporarily damaging my colon, or will this not go away in a day or two?

Oh, I've been trying to cut glutens from my diet since February because I suspect an alergy (it runs in my family), but I don't think I ate anything in the last day or two to make it worse.  I've not undergone the offical testing to find out because I'm an undergrad and while doctor's visits are cheap at student health, insurance is not.  (Yes I know that's risky, which is why I hope that this is just a fluke.)

I know it's gross but I appreciate your help
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