Fun with Numbers (montanajen) wrote in thequestionclub,
Fun with Numbers

Mystery Man

?I have an msn e-mail account (in addition to a couple others) that I use for quasi-professional stuff.  As a result, I don't ever use it as the e-mail when I fill out on-line forms, etc.  I am careful to keep it off lists, etc.

As a result, I have experienced relatively blissful, spam-free existance with this account.  Once or twice a penis enlargment will slip through (no pun intended), but overall, things have been good.

Until Bob Ames.

For the last three days, I've rec'd no less than 90 messages per day from Bob Ames, on a variety of topics, that slip past my spam filter.

Is there something in the world of the internet that I'm missing?  Am I the only one to attract Bob's attention?


What does Bob want with me?

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