Kevalin (morningstar21) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anyone remember these old cartoons?

I randomly remembered these cartoons I used to watch.. I had a VHS tape with them all on it. The ones I remember are as follows:

The Cobweb Hotel
A Coach for Cinderella
Leprechaun's Gold (aka "The Wee Men")

but there's one more I can't remember the name of...

All I know, is that it involves a bunch of cars. Old beetle-type cars from the 1940's. These cars are all alive. (headlights are eyes, etc) One of them in particular is zipping around the city, hiding from police. He ends up in an impoundment yard and is really sad, crying, etc. This all takes place in a big city (maybe New York?) and it is raining. This is all I remember really... if anyone could help me out with what the name of it is, it would be greatly appreciated!
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