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How do you get pinch harmonics to sound properly on the E and A strings of a six string electric with single coil pick-ups? (I have a digital processor that can emulate double coil sound and many different amp, compressor, equalizer, and pedal effects, so if it's just a matter of set-up, that'd be helpful too...) Not going for Zakk Wylde's sound, but if I could do it like him, I could play the stuff I can't quite get down. (Concerto Moon, Six Feet Under, or any other group that uses them a lot for not-soft sounding stuff like Black Label Society.)

Edit - Full distortion, full gain, full treble, and maybe a little delay and plate reverb... but, yeah, I think I figured it out.

Regarding my post a couple days ago about symptoms possibly describing a pinched nerve - I ran about two and a half miles without walking (my record in a while) with a friend tonight, and the symptoms went away when my heartrate went up and haven't come back. Could it have been muscle tension and it worked itself out, or possibly a blood clot that was freed by the increase blood flow? (I'm glad to be rid of it either way.)
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