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1. What's with all of these e-mails I'm getting from my friends that are saying, "OMG TAKE THIS QUIZ AT FLIXSTER.COM KTHXBI!!1"?

2. Where did the "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG" thing start?

I know I've seen more "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" image macros than just these, but once I started looking I could only find these two.
EcyclopediaDramatica and UrbanDictionary aren't really helpful at all.

3. If you follow(ed) the lonelygirl15 YouTube vlog, what are your thoughts on everything being revealed as phony? If you believed it, are you stupid? do you have any hard feelings (disappointment, offense, etc)?
Personally, I watched the videos and was really entertained, but didn't believe it was real at all. Now people are all, "Oh no, people believed something that wasn't true!! How dare someone deceive people!" So some people fell for it, whatever, what I don't understand is why people feel they've had their intelligence insulted. Get out of the house more, kids. Discover real life human interaction instead of nursing your bruised ego because the intarwebz hurt your feelings.
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