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Dude, we shouldn't have bought her a Dell

Anyone had any luck getting decent customer service at Dell lately?

Upon my 5th customer service contact (split between phone and online chat), I learned that my mother will soon getting a power cable for her free printer. Even though I asked that she be sent a power cable and ink cartridge (both of which were inexplicably missing from her box; a friend of hers also got the same free printer sans power cable) two weeks ago, I just now learned that she was sent an ink cartridge and USB cable. Please note that the USB cable was NOT included in the box, the instructions made it plain that she would need to buy one, and she already had one because we knew it wouldn't come with one. So I am tentatively hopeful that someday, she will be able to power up that probably awful free printer and quite possibly be able to use it to print a couple of pages.

But 5 calls?! People were obviously not understanding what I was saying... how else could I convey "power cable" and "power cord" and "printer won't turn on without source of power"?

When was the last time you meant to post something to a community but instead posted it to your journal? Me, well, this entry. GRR ARGH.
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