❤ єℓℓιιє ❤ (cityofgods) wrote in thequestionclub,
❤ єℓℓιιє ❤

I have a Dell laptop now that is a piece of shit. Its pretty old...so I cut it slack but it freezes ALL the time and it just bugs me. My parents agreed that when I graduate with my 4 year this fall they'll buy me a laptop of my choice.

I've got a new love for Macs, but I need help with the pro's and con's of both Macs and Pcs.

I will be using the computer while in nursing school for term papers and research, I play very little games (Sims & Zoo Tycoon), and I'll use it to go online (LJ and such).....

Whats the best Mac laptop out there? Price isn't a problem.
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