Rebecca--mais oui! (rawbery79) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Does anyone know...if I have the source code for a page with a LJ layout that I'd like to use, but the creator has vanished, can it still be used? I found someone using it, and cut and pasted the page source, and the image links and whatnot, but just didn't know if such a thing was possible.

What's the most incompetent thing you've seen or heard this week? For me, that the place I got my tires at last week didn't tighten two of the lugnuts and I could screw them in with my hand. Yeah. They came and fixed it, but sheesh!

For my deviate a social/gender norm thingy, do you think I should rock out in public with my iPod, or wear pajamas and carry a pillow and stuffed animal and pretend to sleep in random places?
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