rev. kenna the mighty pea (kennapea) wrote in thequestionclub,
rev. kenna the mighty pea

for those in a relationship:

1. how old are you?
2. how long have you been with your SO?
3. how often do you have sex?
4. do you feel this is often enough?
4b. does your SO?
5. how important would you say sex is to a relationship, in general?
5b. how important would you say sex is to YOUR relationship?

1. 24 on the 30th.
2. over three and a half years.
3. at first it was daily, then a few times a week, but lately it's been a few times a month... it's a strange transition from not being able to keep your hands off each other, to, "can we have sex tonight?".
4. not really. my mind works in horrid ways, so i get paranoid as to why we've slowed down this much. and i really like the sex.
4b. appearantly. he's never had a HUGE sex drive, but we used to be hot and heavy.
5. i don't know. i suppose it depends on the individuals. but, ideally, they'd agree on the topic.
5b. i suppose it only really seems improtant when i'm not getting any. it's just that we're really fabulous together. i don't know...
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