the adventures of Christine (cdaae) wrote in thequestionclub,
the adventures of Christine

Gaming systems

You don't own any kind of computer gaming system, and your laptop doesn't have a good enough graphics card to play any exciting games.

Do you:

- Get an XBox, because you really want to play Sid Meier's Pirates.
- Wait for Wii because it looks amazing, and hope it has some good pirate games.
- Get some other system, suggestions plz.

Aside from Pirates, and wanting to play The Sims 2, I like things involving killing zombies, and would probably try some of those infamous violent games like Grand Theft Auto for the fun of it. As you can tell I haven't done much research yet. I'm just pondering about it. I suspect I'm going to want a Wii because I can never be bothered learning all the right buttons to press for the different moves on the odd occassion I attempt to play things at friend's places.
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