______marcie (love_medley) wrote in thequestionclub,

iBook G4---out of date?

I'm thinking of switching to a mac...just a laptop, but nothing fancy. MacBooks are outta my price range, so I'm thinking a used G4. I'm scouting eBay and even the refurb section of apple.com. I just need to know what, as far as hardware, is considered "good" anymore, especially in terms of the processor...hard-drive and ram seem pretty standard things to me (but who knows??...I'm thinking 512mb or more ram...and I'll take what I can get for the HD seeing as I will have my desktop). All I know is that the new MacBook ones are considered SWEET...but are the ones available on G4s still considered "good" ?

Also, if I buy from apple.com, I can get the warrenty...but that's just that much more money to spend. Worthwhile investment, or should is it "safe" enough to go the more adventurous route of no protection plan?

thanks :)

(PS -- I'll probably only use the laptop for things like writing a paper outside of the dorm, some photo stuff (yay iPhoto), and maybe limited gaming (read: WoW) with my boyfriend....if the computer will support it, haha).
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