the girl with kaleidoscope eyes (wearingwords) wrote in thequestionclub,
the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

it's peanut buttah jelly time, peanut buttah jelly time!

1) what, besides pb&j, would be a good sandwich to pack in a lunch for a three year old that can be unrefrigerated from about 7am until 12pm?

2) what is something i can pack for lunch in place of a sandwich? keep in mind it's for a three year old.

3) if you have kids that take lunch to school, what is a normal lunch that you pack for them?
My son usually gets pb&j, fruit of some kind (usually grapes or apple slices because they're the easiest), goldfish crackers, a granola bar and apple juice.

4) what was your favorite thing to take for lunch as a kid?
pb&j, pringles, cookies, and either mondo or squeezits. (yeah, i was a fatty.)
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