Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, my gmail "hey you have new mail" notification came up. I click it, Firefox pops up, I read my mail, I go to close firefox.
I get that little popup. I am about to close 5 tabs, am I sure I want to continue?
But, I just opened this window, I say. but I look, and sure enough, there are multiple tabs open. Looking at them, I remember opening those tabs in rapid succession while I was looking something up... at least 2 weeks ago.
Now, I leave my computer on pretty much all the time, but the only programs taht get left on are 2 messengers. Not Firefox. Firefox, i get done with it, i close it.

Soooo... why did it open tabs from a window of firefox that had been closed long ago?
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